Lebanese Youth: still hope for life
 At 7, Khaled is hoping to a better life and future. He was dreaming to visit and explore the different places that his father kept telling him about every night.
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Lebanon is a small country with very little resources. The bulk on income is generated through the tourism industry, which is slowly dying out. Surprisingly over a third of the populations live well below the poverty threshold. Lebanon has to cope with an estimated 400,000 Palestinian refugees who were forced to leave their land in 1948 and have remained in the make shift refugee camps scattered across 12 different locations. 

 Palestinian refugees residing in camps and gatherings depend primarily on humanitarian assistance. These communities are subject to difficult living conditions; they have little opportunities and are the most deprived. 

Our humble origins began by building relations with different charity organizations based in the UK and connecting them to charities in Lebanon, throughout the years we were able to get hundreds of orphans sponsored from UK charities, as well as being able to raise fund for income generation projects and different other projects as well. 

As the Middle East is rarely out of the news after years of conflicts and crises, this is particularly true of Palestine and Lebanon. For years the Palestinian refugees in camps in Lebanon has been a major focus for relief efforts. Orphan and family sponsorships, food and medical relief, and various Ramadan projects. 

We would not have been able to help those affected people without the fantastic support of UK charities and donors. We have truly been blessed with a team of sincere and dedicated trustees, volunteers, and donors. To whom we owe big thank you.  With your support we’ll be able to keep:

- Providing relief to victims of wars, and poverty;

- Improving the quality of life of deprived communities with our education, health and social development projects;

- Ensuring a secure life for orphans;

- Working with other relief organisations to increase our support for victims



recent crisis

Last crisis news.all the people had to abondone thier home and seek refuge in the school outsit the borders


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