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Asia has the largest number of orphans at 65 millions
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Whenever there is conflict or war, or food shortage, the poor are always affected most. There are over 1 million refugees around the country of Lebanon who have been displaced from their homes and their livelihoods.

We provide food, shelter, clean water, medical care. Assisting families and communities when they’re at their most vulnerable, Lebanese Relief and our partners give them the chance to recover, rebuild and work toward creating a better future.

LR believes that people affected by crises have the fundamental right to receive prompt high quality emergency-humanitarian assistance. This assistance must be provided in crisis situations to relieve human suffering and to minimize losses to long-term development gains. 

Our humanitarian work is not limited to crisis response, but covers a full range of activities including, prevention, preparedness, direct response and rehabilitation. We work in situations created by war. LR is signatory to the following institutional frameworks:

Red Cross & Red Crescent Code of Conduct


recent crisis

Last crisis news.all the people had to abondone thier home and seek refuge in the school outsit the borders


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