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Asia has the largest number of orphans at 65 millions
How to Donate
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How to Donate

There are several was to make a donation to help poor and needy people, LR work hard to facilitate this by sending your donations to those in need and monitor it on regular basis.  

Any question?

If you have any question about making a donation to LR, please call us on 0790 5963 588
Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

Regular donation


 By providing regular payments to our general fund, you would be helping in building a clinic, digging well or sponsoring other activities. By sponsoring one of our regular projects, orphan sponsorship, family sponsorship, etc… 

Single Donation

 If you are unable to send regular donations, try your best to provide us with at least a single donation, a little to you could make such a difference to needy person or family. 


Bank Interest Donation


Send to us all the interest payment that you receive at your personal or business bank accounts; we will then forward it to needy people. When doing so please indicate that it is Interest money. 

Company Donation

 Send your donation on behalf or your company / organization to help alleviate the poor. Your gift will help LR with its work, supporting communities to work their own way out of poverty. 

Other ways to donate

By cheque (Payable to "Lebanese Relief"):

By post, at PO Box 62141, London NW1W 9UF

By Bank transfer to our account:Account Name   :

LRBank Name       : HSBC

Sort Code          : 40-02-03

Account No.      : 21674145




recent crisis

Last crisis news.all the people had to abondone thier home and seek refuge in the school outsit the borders


Any question?

To make a donation, please call us on 020 8450 1550 Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm