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Asia has the largest number of orphans at 65 millions
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Lebanese Relief Fund Child Protection Policy:
  • The location and family name of a child will be withheld until the donor has been identified. Lebanese Relief Fund will not publish or make public the address, telephone number or e-mail contact of any of the children or their families.
  • Sponsorship is based on the agreement that donors will not attempt to contact the orphan or their family by any means without the specific permission of Lebanese Relief Fund.
  • The donor and orphan are free to exchange correspondence via Lebanese Relief Fund’s Fundraising and Field offices, however all postal material must conform to LRF policy.
  • The donor may visit the orphan, at their own expense, provided written permission is obtained in advance. Lebanese Relief Fund may carry out police background checks before permitting such visits. The visit will be supervised at all times by the Orphans Welfare Officer within that country.
  • Unfortunately, Lebanese Relief Fund cannot allow unannounced visits to the sponsored orphan. For obvious safety reasons, sponsored children cannot be brought to the donor’s country for visits.
  • Photographs and other data posted on the website are for the purpose of supplying potential sponsors with relevant information about the orphan’s welfare programme. The information and photographs may not be downloaded, copied or replicated without the express permission of LRF.
  • Lebanese Relief Fund aims to secure sponsorship for orphans to provide them with a better future to enable them to be able to support themselves and their communities.
  • Lebanese Relief Fund is fully committed to protecting the security, privacy and dignity of its orphans and their families. The Child Rights and Protection procedures detailed in this section are in place to ensure the safety and welfare of children, and to offer them protection from exploitation or abuse.


recent crisis

Last crisis news.all the people had to abondone thier home and seek refuge in the school outsit the borders


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