Lebanese Youth: still hope for life Print

At 7, Hasan is hoping to a better life and future. He was dreaming to visit and explore the different places that his father kept telling him about every night. 

 But, his dreams has vanished because his father is no longer there, in 2006 an Israeli plane bombarded their village "Marwaheen" and killed his father while was on the run to provide his family with a piece of bread. 

Now Hasan has no support except from handouts, in order for him to have a better education and build a good future, he needs somebody to support him by offering a sponsorship. 

Lebanese Relief Fund has been working in Lebanon on different projects, especially orphan sponsorship and micro credit projects.
Lebanese Relief Fund (LRF) believes that every child and especially the orphans have the right to be clothed, nourished, live a healthy life and have access to a good education.