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Lebanese Relief (LR) is a UK based charity organisation Reg. No. 11 24 927, established in 2008 with office in London and branch in Lebanon. Since its conception by a group of professionals, the LR was formed to provide emergency relief aid and assistance to the third world countries, Lebanon in particular.   

Its main focus as humanitarian organisation was to help in alleviating the suffering of the needy, destitute and innocent people of Lebanon who have been affected by the continuous war. 

We have very good co-operation ties with many respectable UK and worldwide humanitarian organisations.  

We focus on working in partnership with local community-based organisations. This approach has proven to be most cost-effective in poverty relief and eradication and is also instrumental in building the capacity of local people to help themselves and regain their dignity.

In crisis periods LR runs offices to implement relief directly and development projects. So far we have field offices in Lebanon where local staff are volunteers to serve our humanitarian cause.